Aisin Gioro Huisheng (Chinese: 爱新觉罗慧生; Japanese: 愛新覚羅慧生; Romaji: Aishinkakura Eisei) (26 February 1938 — 4 December 1957) was a Princess of the Manchu ruling family. She was the elder daughter of Pujie and his Japanese wife, the noblewoman Hiro Saga. Her uncle, Puyi, was the last Emperor of the qing dynasty.

She lived in Manchukuo until 1943, when she was sent to Japan to live with her grandparents. She received her education in various prestigious private schools, such as the Gakushuin. She had great interest in both Japanese and Chinese literature.

At that time, the political climate in Manchukuo was extremely unstable. After the fall of Japan in World War II, her father was imprisoned by the Soviet Union, while her mother and younger sister Yunsheng were alternately imprisoned or in hiding. After her mother and sister's release in 1947, she was reunited with them, but her father remained incarcerated and lost touch with them. During this time, Huisheng wrote to Zhou Enlai, requesting to be put in touch with her father. Zhou Enlai was moved by her letter and granted her permission.

Unfortunately, Huisheng was never reunited with her father. When Huisheng was in university, one of her classmates named Okubo became infatuated with her. She went missing on 4 December 1957, and eventually her body was found with that of Okubo in Mount Amagi on 10 December. She had been shot in the head on 4 December. The incident was widely reported in newspapers at the time, and there was much speculation as to whether they had committed suicide, or if she had been murdered. Her family believes that she had been murdered.

There had long been a superstition within her family, which said that all the eldest daughters born to their household were destined to die young. Huisheng's eldest aunt had died young as well.

Huisheng was first buried in Nisonin, the Saga family plot, and later moved to an Aisin-Gioro family plot in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. When Pujie and Lady Saga died, they were buried there as well.

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