Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangjing

Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangjing (1837–1890) was a consort of the Xianfeng Emperor of the qing dynasty.

Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangjing was born of the Manchu Tatara (他他拉) clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her father was Qinghai (慶海), a zhushi (主事; a type of official post). Born in 1837 during the reign of the Daoguang Emperor, she entered the Forbidden City in 1850 during selections for women to join the Xianfeng Emperor's imperial harem. Around the same time, Lady Yehenara (the future Empress Dowager Cixi) also entered the palace. Lady Tatara was chosen to stay and was given the title of Noble Lady Li (麗貴人) in 1852. Two years later she was promoted to the rank of Imperial Concubine Li (麗嬪).

In 1855 Lady Tatara gave birth to the Xianfeng Emperor's only daughter, Kurun Princess Rong'an. During the princess's Three Baths (洗三) ceremony, Lady Tatara was elevated to the status of Consort Li (麗妃). It is said that Lady Tatara was the Xianfeng Emperor's favourite consort. On the other hand, Lady Yehenara (the future Empress Dowager Cixi) only caught the emperor's attention during and after Lady Tatara's pregnancy. This was because the emperor was not allowed to have sex with her in the 100 days after she gave birth.

In 1860 Lady Tatara fled together with the Xianfeng Emperor, his empress, and other concubines to Jehol during the Second Opium War. The Xianfeng Emperor died in the following year and was succeeded by Lady Yehenara's son Zaichun, who was enthroned as the Tongzhi Emperor. Because Lady Tatara had served the Xianfeng Emperor for many years and had given birth to his eldest daughter, she was promoted to the rank of Imperial Noble Consort Li (麗皇貴妃). At the time she lived in the Palace of Eternal Harmony.

In January 1875 the Tongzhi Emperor died and was succeeded by his cousin Zaitian, who became known as the Guangxu Emperor. Lady Tatara was given the title of Imperial Noble Dowager Consort Li (麗皇貴太妃). Her daughter died in February 1875 at the age of 19. Official historical records state that Lady Tatara was often sick and she died from illness in 1890 at the age of 53. The Guangxu Emperor ordered members of the imperial clan and officials to don mourning garments for a day. Consort Li was buried in Dingling Mausoleum for imperial concubines in Hebei three years later, together with Noble Consort Mei (玫貴妃), who died seven days before her. Lady Tatara was granted the posthumous title of Imperial Noble Consort Zhuangjing (庄靜皇貴妃).

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