Bu Bing

Bu Bing (or Wai Bing) (Chinese: 外丙, born Zi Sheng, Chinese: 子勝) was a shang dynasty King of China.

In the Records of the Grand Historian, he was listed by Sima Qian as the second Shang king, succeeding his father Tang (Chinese: 汤), following the earlier death of his elder brother Tai Ding (Chinese: 太丁). He was enthroned in the year of Yihai (Chinese: 乙亥), with Yi Yin (Chinese: 伊尹) as his prime minister and Bo (Chinese: 亳) as his capital.

He ruled for about 2 years before his death. He was given the posthumous name "Wai Bing" (Chinese: 外丙) and was succeeded by his younger brother Zhong Ren (Chinese: 仲壬).

Oracle script inscriptions, on bones unearthed at Yinxu, alternatively record that he was the fourth Shang king, the second son of Da Ding, given the posthumous name "Bu Bing" (Chinese: 卜丙), and succeeded by Da Geng.

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