Kong Jia

Kǒng Jiǎ (孔甲) was the 14th ruler of the semi-legendary xia dynasty. He possibly ruled 31 years.

According to the Bamboo Annals, he lived in the Xia capital of West River (西河).

In the third year of his regime, he hunted at the Fu Mountains (萯山) in Dongyang (东阳).

In the fifth year of his regime, he composed the song "Eastern Sound" (东音), which is also called "Song of Broken Axe" (破斧之歌).

He was said to have been very superstitious, and all he cared about was alcohol and beautiful women. From his time on, the power of Xia started to decline and the vassal kings (诸侯) of Xia grew more powerful.

During his regime, he stripped power from one of the nobles, Shiwei (豕韦).

His vassal, Shang, moved their capital back to Shangqiu (商丘) from Yin (殷).

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