Bu Lianshi

Bu Lianshi (died 238), also known as Lady Bu and Bu Furen, was a spouse of Sun Quan, founding emperor of the state of Eastern Wu during the three kingdoms period of Chinese history.


Bu was from Huaiyin, Linhuai (present-day Huai'an, Jiangsu ). She was related to Bu Zhi, a chancellor of Eastern Wu. During the final years of the han dynasty, she and her mother moved to Lujiang but were forced to travel to Jiangdong after Lujiang was conquered by the warlord Sun Ce. She met Sun Quan, who was attracted by her beauty, and became his favourite concubine. She bore Sun Quan two daughters.

When Sun Quan declared himself emperor, he wanted to instate Bu as his empress. However, many of Sun's officials felt that Lady Xu, adoptive mother of the crown prince Sun Deng, should be empress instead. Sun denied his subjects' request, but he did not make Bu his empress either. Although Bu never became empress throughout her life, the palace attendants addressed her as "empress", while her relatives referred to her as "Lady Bu".

Bu died in 238 and was buried at Jiangling (present-day Purple Mountain, Nanjing). She was posthumously granted the title of empress by Sun Quan.

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Sun Quan


Sun Luban (孫魯班), married Zhou Xun, later married Quan Cong

Sun Luyu (孫魯育), married Zhu Ju, later married Liu Zuan (劉纂)

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