Lady Wu

Lady Wu (died 202) was the wife of the warlord Sun Jian, who lived during the late han dynasty period of Chinese history. She had five children: four sons, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang, and a daughter, Lady Sun. She was a descendant of the royal family of the Wu state of the spring and autumn period.

Lady Wu lost her parents at a young age and was living with her younger brother, Wu Jing, when Sun Jian heard of her beauty and character, and desired to marry her. Lady Wu's relatives disapproved of Sun Jian, they saw him as an idler and a rascal, and were going to decline his proposal. Sun Jian was embarrassed and angry at their decision. Lady Wu questioned her relatives, asking "Why bring disaster upon yourselves for the love of one girl? If this turns out to be a bad match, it would just be my fate. " And so they agreed to her marriage with Sun Jian.

In fiction

In Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the three kingdoms, Lady Wu has a younger sister, also called Lady Wu, who married Sun Jian as well. The older one bore Sun Ce and Sun Quan while the younger one bore Lady Sun and Sun Lang. The younger Lady Wu is also known as "Wu Guotai" (吳國太; literally: "Elder Lady Wu of the kingdom"). Wu Guotai lived longer than her older sister, as she was present to witness the marriage of her daughter to Liu Bei.

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