Emperor Mo of later tang

Emperor Mo of later tang (885–936), also known as Li Congke (simplified Chinese: 李从珂; traditional Chinese: 李從珂; pinyin: Lǐ Cóngkē), was the last emperor of the later tang - the second of the Five Dynasties following the fall of the tang dynasty. He was adopted by Emperor Mingzong Li Siyuan. He succeeded to his adoptive brother Li Conghou by dethroning him. He is also referred to as Emperor Modi of Latter Tang or Latter Tang deposed emperor because he was deposed to make way for the Hou jin dynasty by Shi Jingtang, his brother-in-law.

His death occurred when he suffered defeat by a Qidan army that Shi Jingtang had hired. He then fled to a tower and set it and himself alight and thereby died.

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