Liu Ruyi

Liu Ruyi (simplified Chinese: 刘如意; traditional Chinese: 劉如意; pinyin: Liǘ Rúyì, 208 BC – 194 BC), also known as Prince Yin of Zhao (趙隱王, created 198 BC) was the fourth son of Emperor Gao of Han and Concubine Qi. In 200 BC, he was made Prince of Dai after Liu Xi was demoted for fleeing his Dai province from Xiongnu forces. In 198 BC, Ruyi replaced Zhang Ao as Prince of Zhao after Ao was falsely accused of conspiring rebellion. After Emperor Gao of Han fallen ill early in 195 BC, he discovered Empress Lü Zhi's plot to kill Ruyi, and appointed Zhou Chang as prime minister for Zhao province to protect him from Lü. Emperor Gao died later the year and Emperor Hui of Han continued Prince of Zhao's protection by halting multiple attempts from Empress Dowager Lü on Ruyi's life. When Emperor Hui left for a winter hunting trip in 194 BC, Empress Dowager Lü had Ruyi killed

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