Lu Wan

Lu Wan (256 BC - 194 BC) was a military general serving under Liu Bang (later Emperor Gaozu of Han).


Lu Wan was from Fengyi, Pei County (present-day Feng County, Jiangsu ). He was a childhood friend of Liu Bang and they both studied in the same school in their hometown. Besides, they also shared the same birthday. When Liu Bang rebelled against the qin dynasty, Lu Wan accompanied him on the campaigns against Qin forces. After the fall of Qin in 206 BC, Liu Bang became "King of Han" when Xiang Yu divided the former Qin Empire into the Eighteen Kingdoms. Lu Wan followed Liu Bang to his allocated fief in Bashu (in present-day Sichuan ) and was appointed by Liu was a general.

During the Chu–Han contention (a power struggle between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu), Lu Wan was promoted to the rank of a marshal and granted the title of "Marquis of Chang'an" by Liu Bang. Due to his close friendship with Liu Bang, he received many gifts and rewards from Liu and was allowed to enter Liu's bedroom. In 202 BC, Liu Bang emerged victorious over Xiang Yu and became Emperor Gaozu of the han dynasty. Later that year, Zang Tu (King of Yan) rebelled against Gaozu, but his rebellion was suppressed two months later. Gaozu then appointed Lu Wan as the new King of Yan to replace Zang Tu.

In 196 BC, relations between Lu Wan and Gaozu deteriorated to the point where Gaozu suspected Lu Wan of plotting a rebellion against him. The following year, Gaozu ordered Fan Kuai (later replaced by Zhou Bo) to lead an army to attack Lu Wan. Meanwhile, Lu Wan heard that Gaozu was ill and went to Chang'an, hoping to beg for forgiveness when Gaozu had recovered, but Gaozu died a month later. Lu Wan brought his family and followers with him and fled to join the Xiongnu. He was appointed "King Lu of Donghu" (東胡廬王) by the Xiongnu chieftain. He died a year later at the age of 63.

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