Markörgis Khan

Markörgis (or Markos, Marku) (1448–1465) was a Mongol Khan of the Northern yuan dynasty in Mongolia. Some scholars believe his name is Christian name.

Markörgis was the youngest son of Tayisung Khan Toghtoa Bukha and his youngest khatun Samar. Soon after Esen was killed, his mother, Samar, attacked the Four Oirads at Khangai Zavkhan. During the campaign, 8 year-old Markörgis was taken in a box on horseback, thus to be later called Ükegtü Khagan. They defeated the Oirads and returned with a large booty.

After that Samar taifu and Dogholon taishi of the seven Tümeds crowned the boy as Khagan. Bulay of the Kharchin and Dogholon held the real power, who constantly fought each other for dominance. Markörgis was given title Ükegtü because he sat inside a cart during the battles.

Bulay tried to open trade relations with Ming China but was declined. Bulay repeatedly invaded China in 1460 and 1461. He also attacked the Uriyangkhai Doyin guard (tributary of the Ming) in the next year. The Ming court finally agreed to establish peace with the Mongols.

In 1465, the Mongol nobles openly went to war against each other in their power struggle and Markörgis Ükegtü Khan was killed as a result. Young khan was succeeded by his eldest half-brother Molon Khan Tögüs Mengke.

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