Mubarak Shah

Mubarak Shah (Persian: مبارک شاه ‎) was head of the Chagatai Khanate (1252–1260, March–September 1266). He was the son of Qara Hülëgü and Ergene Khatun, of the Mongol empire.

Upon the death of his father in 1252, Mubarak Shah succeeded him as Chagatai Khan, with his mother acting as regent. In 1260, however, the Great Khan claimant Ariq Böke appointed Chagatai Khan's grandson Alghu, and by the following year Alghu had control over much of the Khanate. When Alghu revolted against Ariq Böke in 1262, Organa supported him. After Alghu died in 1266, Organa enthroned Mubarak Shah as head of the ulus, without the permission of Kublai Khan, who was also proclaimed the Great Khan and defeated Ariq Böke 2 years after. He was the first Chagatiite who had converted to islam. Kublai Khan, however, supported Baraq, a great-grandson of Chagatai. Baraq gained the loyalty of Mubarak Shah's army soon moved against him, exiling him that year. Later, Mubarak Shah supported Kaidu against Baraq in 1271, but soon felt compelled to defect to another enemy of Kaidu, the Ilkhan Abaqa.

Abagha appointed him a chief of the Qaraunas. He died while ravaging south-east Persian regions in 1276.

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