Mingzhu (Chinese: 明珠, November 19, 1635 - June 3, 1708), of the Manchurian Nara clan, was an eminent and powerful official of the qing dynasty during the reign of Kangxi Emperor of China.

Second cousin to the Shunzhi Emperor, Mingzhu came from an aristocratic line that belonged to the Plain Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners. His grandfather, Jintaiji (金台石), was the last prince of the Yehe Nara clan.

In 1677, Mingzhu was named the Grand Secretary, one of the top-ranking positions, and became involved in a long power struggle with Songgutu throughout the middle years of Kangxi's reign. He was related to Hui Fei, one of Emperor Kangxi's concubines who bore the emperor his first surviving son, Yinzhi. Consequently, he supported the First Prince Yinzhi during the struggles for succession. He was sent to prison for corruption and various other charges in his final years.

He married one of Ajige's daughters and had at least three sons. His oldest son, Nalan Xingde, grew up to be a famous poet.

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