Noble Consort Ying

Noble Consort Ying (1731 - 1800) was a concubine of the Qianlong Emperor of the qing dynasty.

Noble Consort Ying was born of the Mongol Barin (巴林) clan. Her personal name is unknown. Her family was under the Mongol Bordered Red Banner. Her father was Nachin (納親), a banner commander (都統) and qingche duwei (輕車都尉).

Lady Barin entered the Forbidden City during the early reign of the Qianlong Emperor and was granted the rank of Noble Lady Ying (穎貴人). She was promoted to Imperial Concubine Ying (穎嬪) in 1751 and Consort Ying (穎妃) in 1759.

In 1796 the Qianlong Emperor abdicated in favour of his son Yongyan, who became the Jiaqing Emperor, while Qianlong himself became a Retired Emperor who still made decisions in court. In 1798 the Qianlong Emperor promoted a near 70 years old Lady Barin to Noble Consort Ying (穎貴妃). Soon after, the Jiaqing Emperor honoured Lady Barin as Noble Grand Consort Ying (穎貴太妃) and let her and Noble Consort Wan stay in Shoukang Palace (壽康宮).

In 1800 Lady Barin celebrated her 70th birthday. Yonglin (永璘), a full younger brother of the Jiaqing Emperor, went to visit Lady Barin, who raised him, and presented her with gifts. However the Jiaqing Emperor was furious when he heard about this and he harshly scolded Yonglin because the latter did not seek his permission first. As a result Lady Barin's birthday celebration was rendered meaningless, and she died not long after her 70th birthday. In 1801 Lady Barin was interred in the Yuling Mausoleum in the Eastern Qing Tombs.

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