Quan Cong

Quan Cong (198 - 249), style name Zihuang (子璜), was a military general of Eastern Wu during the three kingdoms period of Chinese history. He married Sun Quan's oldest daughter Sun Luban. During the subjugation of the Shanyue, Quan achieved great success. Quan afterwards marched with Lu Xun to attack the cao wei army in the Battle of Shiting. The cao wei army at that time had been lured out by the false defection of Zhou Fang. During this battle Quan attained victory by defeating Xue Qiao.

Personal information


Quan Rou (全柔), xiaolian, served as an official during the reign of Emperor Ling of Han, later served Sun Ce and Sun Quan


Sun Luban (孫魯班), Sun Quan's daughter


Quan Xu (全緒)

Quan Ji (全寄)

Quan Yi (全懌), defected to cao wei

Quan Duan (全端), defected to cao wei

Quan Wu (全吳)


Quan Yi (全禕), Quan Xu's son, defected to cao wei

Quan Yi (全儀), defected to cao wei

Quan Jing (全靜), defected to cao wei


Quan Shang (全尚)

Quan Ji (全紀), Quan Shang's son, killed by Sun Chen

Quan Huijie (全惠解), Quan Shang's daughter, empress during the reign of Sun Liang

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