Sun Yi (Sun Jian's son)

Sun Yi (184–204), style name Shubi (叔弼), was the third son of the warlord Sun Jian during the late han dynasty period of Chinese history.

In 202, Sun Yi's surviving elder brother Sun Quan killed the grand administrator of Wu Commandery, Sheng Xian. Some of Sheng Xian's associates and proteges went into hiding in the mountains. The next year, the grand administrator of Danyang Commandery, Wu Jing, died. Wu Jing had been serving the Sun family, and Sun Yi was appointed to succeed him as grand administrator.

Sun Yi was nineteen when he received this appointment. Danyang was adjacent to Wu Commandery, and Sun Yi reached out to some of the disgruntled followers of the late Sheng Xian, enticing them to the capital and offering them positions in order to stabilise the region. Two of these men, Gai Lan (媯覽) and Dai Yuan (戴員) came to work for Sun Yi. Dai Yuan was appointed as a civil assistant, and Gai Lan was given a high military command with the slightly irregular title Grand Chief Controller

Still dissatisfied, Gai Lan and Dai Yuan within the space of a year had Sun Yi assassinated by a man named Bian Hong (邊鴻), who was summarily executed. Sun Yi's cousin Sun He (孫河) came to Wanling to restore order, and correctly placed the blame at the feet of Gai and Dai. However, he was unable to command enough power over the troops to have them punished, and instead ended up killed by the two officials. They dispatched a messenger to Liu Fu, the inspector of Yang Province, to relay that they wished to serve as rulers of Danyang under Cao Cao

Danyang returned to Sun family control when Gai Lan was unsatisfied with just the reigns of government and Sun Yi's concubines and maids, and decided he had to have his wife, Lady Xu, as well. Lady Xu argued that it was too soon after her husband's death to remarry, and asked him to wait till the end of the month. During the intervening period, she secretly contacted Sun Yi's cousin Sun Gao (孫高) and family friend Fu Ying (傅嬰), informing them of the circumstances. On the appointed day, Lady Xu put away her mourning clothes and invited Gai Lan to her chamber, where he was ambushed and killed by Sun Gao and Fu Ying, who had been disguised as maids. More men in their party slew Dai Yuan, and Sun Gao and Fu Ying took over. Shortly thereafter Sun Quan arrived in force to reward family loyalists and punish those loyal to Gai Lan and Dai Yuan. He appointed his younger cousin Sun Yu as grand administrator of Danyang.

Personal information


Sun Jian


Lady Wu


Sun Ce, older brother

Sun Quan, older brother

Sun Kuang, younger brother

Sun Lang, younger half-brother

Lady Sun, sister


Lady Xu (徐)


Sun Song (孫松)

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