Tai Kang

Tai Kang (Chinese: 太康) was the third ruler or emperor of the xia dynasty. He was the son of the King Qi of Xia and paternal grandson of Yu the Great and Queen Nu Jiao.


He loved to hunt and did not rule well.

Tai Kang took the throne in the year of Guiwei. His capital was in Zhenxun. Houyi, one of the leaders of his vassals, also moved to Zhunxun.

He ruled about 19 years and lost his regime, dying 10 years later according to the Record of the Grand Historian, or 4 years later according to the Bamboo Annals.

Tai Kang was drowned in a lake and was succeeded by his brother Zhong Kang and nephew Xiang of Xia.

In literature

The Classic of History features Songs of the Five Sons 五子之歌 among the documents of Xia (Chapter 8). According to the introductory note, the document contains the pieces composed by Tai Kang's five younger brothers when he lost the country.

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