Wen Ding

Wen Ding (文丁) was a king of the shang dynasty of China from 1112 BC to 1102 BC. Another name for him is Da Ding (大丁), and his given name is Tuo (托).

According to Bamboo Annals, his capial was at Yin (殷) or Zimou

In the second year of his reign, his Zhou vassal (诸侯) Jili (季历), attacked the Yanjing Rong (燕京戎) but they defeated Jili.

During the third year his reign, the river of Heng (洹水) dried up.

In the fourth year of his reign, Jili attacked the Yuwu Rong (余无戎) and was victorious, making Yuwu into a Zhou client.

In the seventh year of his reign, Jili attacked the Hu Rong (呼戎) and was again victorious.

Several years later, Jili defeated the Xitu Rong (翳徒戎) and, capturing three generals, reported the victory to king Wen Ding. However, worried that Zhou was growing more powerful, King Wen Ding richly rewarded Jili for his victories and sent him to a city called Saiku (塞库). There Wen Ding had Jili killed.

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