Yicong (23 July 1831 – 18 February 1889) was a Manchu prince of the qing dynasty.

Yicong was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as the fifth son of the Daoguang Emperor. His mother was Consort Xiang from the Niohuru clan. He was adopted by his uncle Miankai (綿愷), who had no heir, and inherited Miankai's title of "Prince Dun of the First Rank" (惇親王).

In 1850 the Daoguang Emperor died and was succeeded by his fourth son Yizhu, who became known as the Xianfeng Emperor. In 1861 the Xianfeng Emperor died in the midst of the Second Opium War. At that time Yicong and his younger half-brother Yixuan (titled Prince Chun) were both in Jehol, while his another younger half-brother Yixin (titled Prince Gong) was in the capital Beijing . Yicong sided with Prince Gong in the Xinyou Coup (辛酉政變) of 1861 that saw Prince Gong and the empress dowagers Cixi Ci'an seize power from eight regents appointed by the Xianfeng Emperor before his death to aid his successor, the young Tongzhi Emperor. In 1875 the Tongzhi Emperor died and was succeeded by Prince Chun's son Zaitian, who became known as the Guangxu Emperor.

Yicong died in 1889 during the reign of the Guangxu Emperor. His great-grandson Yuyan was a self-proclaimed successor to China's last emperor Puyi. Yicong's former residence is at the Qinghua Gardens (清華園), the current location of Tsinghua University.

Personal information


Daoguang Emperor


Consort Xiang

Adoptive father:

Miankai (綿愷; 1795 - 1838), third son of the Jiaqing Emperor, held the title of "Prince Dun of the First Rank" (惇親王). His only son Yizuan (奕纘; 1817 - 1821) died at a young age so he had no heir. Thus, he adopted Yicong, who would inherit his princely title.


Zailian (載濂; 1854 - 1917), Yicong's eldest son, granted the title of a beile (貝勒).

Zaiyi, Yicong's second son, granted the title of "Prince Duan of the Second Rank" (端郡王).

Zailan (載瀾; 1856-1916), Yicong's third son, granted the title of "Burubafen Duke Who Assists the Nation" (不入八分輔國公).

Zaiying (載瀛), Yicong's fourth son, inherited the title of a beile.

Zaijin (載津), Yicong's fifth son, granted the title of "Burubafen Duke Who Assists the Nation" (不入八分輔國公).

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