Yuntang (17 October 1683 – 22 September 1726), born Yintang, was a Manchu prince of the qing dynasty.


Yuntang was born Yintang of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as the ninth son of the Kangxi Emperor. His mother was Consort Yi (宜妃) from the Gorolo (郭絡羅) clan.

Yintang was one of the Kangxi Emperor's most loved sons even though he never held any important posts during his father's reign. During the power struggle between the Kangxi Emperor's sons for succession to the throne, Yintang supported the eighth prince Yinsi initially, but after Yinsi fell from grace he switched allegiance towards the 14th prince Yinti. The Kangxi Emperor died in 1722 and was succeeded by his fourth son Yinzhen, who became known as the Yongzheng Emperor. Yintang changed his name to "Yuntang" to avoid naming taboo because the Chinese character for "Yin" (胤) in "Yintang" is the same as the one in the Yongzheng Emperor's personal name "Yinzhen" (胤禛).

In the same year the Yongzheng Emperor was enthroned, Yuntang was summoned back to the capital Beijing by the emperor and subsequently sent to the military garrison at Xining. Two years later in 1724, Yongzheng stripped Yuntang off his beise (貝子) title. The following year, Yongzheng accused Yuntang and Yunsi (Yinsi) of political incompetence, banished them from the imperial household, and forced them to change their names respectively to "Sesihei" (塞思黑; means "dog" in Manchu) and "Akina" (阿其那; means "pig" in Manchu). The Yongzheng Emperor then ordered Hu Shili (胡什禮) to escort Yuntang and Yunsi to Baoding, where they were imprisoned under the supervision of the Viceroy of Zhili, Li Fu (李紱).

Yuntang reportedly died from an abdominal illness in 1726 during his incarceration. He was posthumously rehabilitated during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor.

Personal information


Kangxi Emperor


Mother: Consort Yi (宜妃; d. 1733), from the Gorolo (郭絡羅) clan, daughter of Zuoling (佐領; a type of military commander) Sanguanbao (三官保).


Primary spouse: Lady Donggo (棟鄂氏), daughter of Qishi (七十).


Lady Liu (劉氏), daughter of Liu Da (劉大).

Lady Lang (郎氏), daughter of Lang Tu (郎圖).

Lady Zhou (周氏), daughter of Zhou Da (周大).

Lady Zhu (朱氏), daughter of Zhu Da (朱大).

Lady Tong (佟氏), daughter of Tong Da (佟大).

Lady Joogiya (兆佳氏), daughter of Manaha (瑪納哈).

Lady Wanyan (完顏氏), daughter of Wangda (王達).

Lady Chen (陳氏), daughter of Chen Da (陳大).

7 Sons:


Birth date

Death date




Hongzheng (弘晸)

12 Dec 1706

26 Dec 1787

Lady Liu

Lady Nara (納喇氏), daughter of Imperial Secretary (尚書) Sheng'an (盛安)

Lady Yang (楊氏), daughter of Yang Da (楊大)

Hongzhang (弘暲)

29 Mar 1709

4 Jul 1756

Lady Liu

Lady Gorolo (郭絡羅氏), daughter of Genteyi (根特宜)


Hongxiang (弘相)

20 Feb 1710

21 Apr 1739

Lady Joogiya

Lady Zhang (張氏), daughter of Zhang Da (張大)


Hongkuang (弘曠)

15 Dec 1711

20 Feb 1737

Lady Lang



Hongding (弘鼎)

19 Dec 1711

28 Nov 1782

Lady Wanyan

1. Lady Balinnamu (巴林訥穆氏), daughter of Chahar Province Administrator (察哈爾總管) Butan (布坦)
2. Lady Joogiya (兆佳氏), daughter of Qiwei (騎尉) Tanggutu (唐古圖)

Lady Liu (劉氏), daughter of Balang (巴朗)

Dongxi (棟喜)

24 Jul 1719

19 Jan 1791

Lady Zhu

Lady Penggiya


Sibao (四保)

22 Oct 1719

12 Apr 1771

Lady Zhou

Lady Jin (金氏), daughter of Chengzhu (誠住)


6 Daughters:

The personal names of Yuntang's daughters are unknown.

Birth date

Death date





Lady Wanyan

Sebutengwangbu (色卜騰旺布) of the Elutechuoluosi (厄魯特綽絡斯) clan, a Prince of the Second Rank (m. 1718)



Lady Joogiya

Kanbu (侃布) of the Balin Borjigit (巴林博爾濟吉特) clan, a Prince of the Second Rank (m. 1719)



Lady Wanyan

Yongfu (永福), an Imperial Guard (侍衛) (m. 1720)



Lady Donggo

Zhao Shiyang (趙世揚) (m. 1721)



Lady Joogiya

Sebuteng (色卜騰) (m. 1739)



Lady Chen

Chen Bu (陳布; d. 1744)

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