Zaize (17 March 1876 - June 1929), born Zaijiao (Chinese: 載蕉), style name Yinping (蔭坪), was a Manchu noble of the qing dynasty. He is best known for being a proponent of reforms and for advocating the adoption of a constitutional monarchy system.

Zaize was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as a grandson of Mianyu (綿愉), the fifth son of the Jiaqing Emperor. As Mianyu's fourth son Yixun (奕詢) had no heir, Zaize was adopted by Yixun and in 1877 he inherited the latter's title of "Duke Who Assists the Nation" (輔國公).

In 1894 Zaize married Jingrong (靜榮) of the Yehenara clan, who was a daughter of Guixiang (桂祥), a younger brother of Empress Dowager Cixi. He enjoyed a favourable position in the Qing imperial court and his title was later changed to "Duke Who Guards the Nation" (鎮國公). In 1901, he was made a deputy commander of the Plain Blue Banner of the Eight Banners. In 1905 he was commissioned by Empress Dowager Cixi to go on a tour of Europe, Japan, and the United States to learn from their respective political systems. When he returned to China in 1906, he suggested that the Qing government be changed into a constitutional monarchy like Germany and Japan.

In 1907 Zaize was appointed as the President of the Board of Finance, and became a beizi (貝子). Zaize also served as the Minister of Finance in the Imperial Cabinet set up by Yikuang, Prince Qing. Along with others, Zaize proposed the execution of the Beiyang Army's leader Yuan Shikai.

In 1911 the Xinhai Revolution overthrew the qing dynasty and the Republic of China was established. Despite so, Zaize was bent on restoring the monarchy system. He died in 1928.

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