Zhu Yihai, Prince of Lu

The Gengyin Emperor (庚寅) (1618–1662) was an emperor of the Southern ming dynasty, reigning from 1645 to 1655. His temple name was Emperor Yì of the Ming (义宗 Ming Yizong).


Born Zhu Yihai in 1618, during the 46th year of the reign of Wanli Emperor of the ming dynasty. Son of Zhu Shouyong, he was the 10th-generation descendant of Hongwu Emperor.

He succeeded the title of Prince of Lu from his elder brother, Zhu Yipai. The throne of passed to him when his father died of an unusual illness. Many myths in this region have explored the illness that struck Yihai's father, ranging from the claim of food poisoning due to court rivalry to a plague due to disrespect to the Buddha.


The Prince of Lu was part of the resistance against the invading Manchu qing dynasty forces. His primary consort (元妃), Lady Chen, committed suicide during the impending fall of the Ming. The location of her suicide can still be found on the island of Zhoushan.

In 1651 he fled to the island of Kinmen, which in 1663 was taken over by the invading force. His grave was discovered on the island in 1959, which disproved the theory advanced by the 18th-century History of Ming that he was killed by Koxinga. His eldest son, Zhu Hónghuán (弘桓), married the fourth daughter of Koxing and went to live in Taiwan under the protection of Zheng Jing, his brother-in-law and worked as a farmer.

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