King Zu Geng

Zu Geng (祖庚) was king of the shang dynasty of China. His given name is Yao (曜).

His capital was at Yin (殷).

On the 12th year of his regime, he sent troop to fight Rong people in the west until winter.

On the 13th year of his regime, after being defeated, the West Rong people sent an envoy to Shang. In the same year he ordered vassal of Fen (邠) establish army at Gan (绀).

On the 24th year of his regime, he re-produced the Penalties that used by Tang of Shang to repress the rebellion.

On the 27th year of his regime, he named his twin sons as prince Zi Xiao (子嚣) and Zi Liang (子良).

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