Visa Cancellation

At any time, the PSB Exit and Entry Administration can cancel your visa or residence permit. Of course, this is unusual and would occur only if you are deemed not to be complying with regulations relating to the visa or you have broken Chinese law. If the offence is serious enough you could be expelled under escort by the police, but for lesser situations you are normally allowed 7 days to exit the mainland or if you don't already have one, granted a 7 day tourist visa, to enable you to organise and exit China.

A common issue is that when you have entered China on a Z or X visa but later leave your employment or studies, you are not entitled to remain in China on that visa. The organisation you were associated with is supposed to notify the PSB that you are no longer with them and you should apply for a new visa, most likely a tourist (L) visa.

If you do not seek a new visa and the PSB has been notified of the situation, you will probably have no trouble until you seek to leave the country. Then you might be considered to have overstayed your visa.

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