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Baotou Location in China Map

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Baotou / 包头市


Inner Mongolia

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China Standard (UTC+8)

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2 Exhibitions


About Baotou

Baotou (Chinese: 包头市) also known as Bugthot is the largest industrial city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the Peoples Republic of China. Governed as aprefecture-level city, its built-up (or metro) area made up of 5 urban districts is home to 2,070,801 inhabitants with a total population of over 2.65 million accounting for counties under its jurisdiction.

The citys Mongolian name means place with deer , and an alternate name is Lucheng (鹿城 Lùchéng), meaning Deer City . The 39,000 capacity Baotou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium is the main sports venue in the city, used mostly for association football games.

The area now known as Baotou was inhabited since ancient times by nomads, most notably the Mongols. Near the end of the Han Dynasty, Lü Bu, a particularly noteworthy warrior, was born in todays Jiuyuan District of Baotou. Compared to the capital, Hohhot, Baotous construction as a city came relatively late, being incorporated as a town in 1809. The citys site was chosen because it was in an arable region of theYellow Rivers Great Bend.

The Gelaohui secret society and the Hui Muslim General Ma Fuxiang came to an agreement in 1922, in which Ma Fuxiang agreed to allow the Gelaohui to extort protection money from wool merchants in Baotou.

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