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Daqing Location in China Map

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Daqing / 大庆市



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The 3rd China Daqing Artwork Expo 2015



About Daqing

Daqing (Chinese: 大庆 pinyin: Dàqìng formerly spelled Taching ) (pronounced Da Tshing) is a prefecture-level city in the west of Heilongjiang province, Peoples Republic of China. The name literally means Great Celebration . Daqing is known as the Oil Capital of China and has experienced a phenomenal boom since oil was discovered here in 1959.

Its population was 2,904,532 at the 2010 census, of whom 1,415,268 lived in the built-up area (or metro) in 4 out of the total of 5 urban districts, i.e. (Sartu, Longfeng, Ranghulu and Honggang). Anda district of Suihua is also being conurbated next.

The region now known as Daqing Prefecture was a reasonably insignificant place until the Qing Dynasty, known only as an unsettled hunting ground due to its wetland and prairies. The region began to grew slightly after Czarist Russia constructed the Chinese Eastern Railway(KVZhD) through the area with a station at Saertu (萨尔图). It was not until 1959 that oil was discovered in the region as part of the large scale oil exploration put into motion across the Songliao Basin. In 1979 it was named Daqing, which literally means Great Celebration .

The Daqing oil field was discovered in the late 1950s, and drilling began in 1958. Daqing was founded in 1959 to house workers extracting oil and gas from the Daqing oilfield and to host industries which could take advantage of the energy and petrochemicals, shortly before the 10th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Since its foundation it has been advocated as a model of good practice in industry and healthcare by the Chinese government. The fact that Mao Zedong promulgated hisSupreme Directive, In industry, learn from Daqing, in the 1960s reflects how important a role Daqing has historically played in industry in China. The film Entrepreneurial Pioneers (创业), made in the early 1970s, is a literary rendition of the history of Daqing. During the Mao era, Daqings agricultural counterpart was Dazhai, a village in the hilly Xiyang county, Shanxi Province, for which Chairman Mao issued the directive In agriculture, learn from Dazhai, also in the 1960s.

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