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Hohhot Location in China Map

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Hohhot / 呼和浩特市


Inner Mongolian

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China Standard (UTC+8)

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About Hohhot

Hohhot (Chinese: 呼和浩特 pinyin: Hūhéhàotè also romanized as Huhehot or Huhhot), abbreviated Hushi(Chinese: 呼市 pinyin: Hūshì), formerly known as Kweisui (simplified Chinese: 归绥 traditional Chinese: 歸綏 pinyin: Gūisūi), is the capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in North China, serving as the regions administrative, economic, and cultural centre.

Its population was 2,866,615 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom 1,980,774 lived in the built-up (or metro) area made up of 4 urban districts.

The name of the city in Mongolian means Blue City —Kuku-Khoto in Mongolian—although it is also wrongly referred to as the Green City. The color blue in Mongol culture is associated with the sky, eternity and purity in Chinese, the name can be translated as Qīng Chéng (Chinese: 青城), literally, Blue/Green City.

Hohhot features a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen BSk), marked by long, cold and very dry winters, hot, somewhat humid summers, strong winds (especially in spring) andmonsoonal influence. The coldest month is January, with a daily mean of −11.6 °C (11.1 °F), while the July, the hottest month, averages 22.6 °C (72.7 °F). The annual mean temperature is 6.73 °C (44.1 °F), and the annual precipitation is 398 millimetres (15.7 in), with more than half of it falling in July and August alone. Variability can be very high, however: in 1965 Hohhot recorded as little as 155.1 mm (6.11 in) but six years before than, as much as 929.2 mm (36.58 in), including 338.6 mm (13.33 in) in July of that year. Hohhot is a popular destination for tourists during the summer months because of the nearby Zhaohe grasslands. More recently, due to desertification, the city sees sandstorms on almost an annual basis. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 58 percent in July to 71 percent in October, sunshine is abundant year-round, the city receives 2,862 hours of bright sunshine annually. Extreme temperatures have ranged from −32.8 °C (−27 °F) to 38.9 °C (102 °F).

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