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Luoyang Location in China Map

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Luoyang / 洛阳市



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About Luoyang

Luoyang (Chinese: 洛阳 pinyin: Luòyáng ) is a prefecture-level city in western Henan province of Central China. It borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the east, Pingdingshan to the southeast, Nanyang to the south, Sanmenxia to the west, Jiyuan to the north, and Jiaozuo to the northeast. As of the final 2010 census, Luoyang had a population of 6,549,941 inhabitants with 1,857,003 people living in the built-up (or metro) area made of citys five urban districts, all of which except the Jili District not urbanized yet.

Situated on the central plain of China, Luoyang is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, and is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

The name Luoyang originates from the citys location on the north or sunny ( yang ) side of the Luo River. Since the river flows from west to east and the sun is to the south of the river, the sun always shines on the north side of the river. Luoyang has had several names over the centuries, including Luoyi (洛邑) and Luozhou (洛州) , though Luoyang has been its primary name.

It has been called, during various periods, Dongdu (东都, meaning the Eastern Capital, during the Tang Dynasty), Xijing (西京, meaning the Western Capital, during the Song Dynasty), or Jingluo (京洛, meaning the general capital for China).

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