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Shunde Location in China Map

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Shunde / 顺德区



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China Shunde International Exposition For Household Electric Appliances shunde Expo 2015



About Shunde

Shunde District, is a district in the city of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, China. Once a traditional agricultural county, it has become one of the most affluent counties in Guangdong and mainland China. Since 2009, it is administrated independently of Foshan city, answerable directly to the Guangdong provincial government.

Since the implementation of policies related to reform and openness began in 1978, the people of this area were given full control over their geographical position and culture. This has allowed Shunde, once a traditional agricultural county, to gradually develop into a modern industrial boomtown. Shunde was approved as a pilot city for the comprehensive reform of Guangdong in 1993, and also for taking the lead in accomplishing modernization in 1999. From 2000 to 2003, Shunde was ranked first among Chinas top 100 counties for Basic Economic Competitiveness for four consecutive years (released by National Bureau of Statistics of China). In 2005, Shunde achieved a GDP of 2170.13 billion

Situated in the fertile Pearl River Delta, the its economy was once dominated by agriculture, fisheries and silk farming. Since the Chinese economic reform, this has been superseded by industrial manufacturing and development, especially the manufacturing of furniture and electric appliances. Some mainland Chinese product brands like Kelon (科龙) or Midea are made in Shunde. Recently a new technology industrial park has also been opened in this area, featuring car manufacturers such as Toyota.

Today, this area has become one of the most affluent counties in Guangdong and mainland China (according to official information from the Chinese government and the United Nations). The GDPreached 127.5 billion yuan in 2007, an annual increase of 18%, and GDP per capita reached 107,991 yuan (ca. US $14,200).

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