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Yangzhou Location in China Map

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Yangzhou / 扬州市



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China Artware Expo Yangzhou 2015



About Yangzhou

Yangzhou (simplified Chinese: 扬州 traditional Chinese: 揚州 pinyin: Yángzhōu) is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu province in the Peoples Republic of China. Sitting on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, it borders the provincial capital of Nanjing to the southwest, Huaian to the north, Yancheng to the northeast, Taizhou to the east, and Zhenjiang across the river to the south. Its population is 4,414,681 at the 2010 census and its urban area is home to 2,146,980 inhabitants including three urban districts plus currently in the agglomeration.

Historically it is one of the wealthiest of Chinas cities, known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets, painters, and scholars. Its name (lit. Rising Prefecture ) refers to its former position as the capital of Yangzhou prefecture in imperial China.

Yangzhou is located on a plain north of the Yangtze River. The Grand Canal of China, also known as the Jinghang Canal, crosses the prefecture-level from the north to the south its modern route passes through the eastern outskirts of Yangzhous main urban area, while its old route runs through the city center. Other major bodies of water within the prefecture-level city include the Baoshe River, Datong River, Beichengzi River, Tongyang Canal, Xintongyang Canal, Baima Lake, Baoying Lake, Gaoyou Lake, Shaobo Lake.

Like much of the entire prefecture-level city, Yangzhous main urban area (the city proper ) is criss-crossed by an intricate network of canals and small lakes. The historic city center (the former waled city) is surrounded by canals on all sides: the Old Grand Canal forms its eastern and southern boundaries the City Moat Canal (Huchenghe) runs along the former walled citys northern edge, connecting the Old Grand Canal with the Slender West Lake the Erdaohe Canal runs along the old citys western edge, from the Slender West Lake to the Lotus Flower Pond (Hehuachi), which in its turn is connected by the short Erdaogou canal with the Old Grand Canal. It is possible to sail a small water craft from the Thin West Lake, via the Erdaohe, the Hehua Pond, and the Erdaogou into the Old Grand Canal.

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