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Zhucheng Location in China Map

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Zhucheng / 诸城市



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The 5th China Food Expo Zhucheng 2015



About Zhucheng

hucheng (simplified Chinese: 诸城 traditional Chinese: 諸城 pinyin: Zhūchéng) is a county-level city in the southeast of Shandong province, Peoples Republic of China. It is under the administration of WeifangCity and had at the 2010 census a population of 1,086,222 even though its built-up (or metro) area is much smaller.

In 2005, Zhucheng had a total output value of RMB 20.8 billion and an average annual growth rate of 16%. Zhucheng is projected to continue its 16% annual growth rate and attain a total output value of RMB 43.6 billion by 2010.

The Zhucheng Industrial Park was approved by the Shandong Provincial Government in 1992. Its total area spans 25 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi). The National Highway 206 which runs through it from south to north, and the city is linked by the Jiaoxin Railway Station, which connects it to Qingdao, 60 kilometres (37 mi) east, Rizhao, 60 kilometres (37 mi) south, and Weifang city, 80 kilometres (50 mi) north. As of 2001, industries based at the zone included food processing, chemicals, building materials, textiles and electromechanical products, and 2001 annual total industrial output was 2 billion yuan, with the added industrial value of 350 million yuan. For 2001, exports were US$68.92 million, and revenue was 83.17 million yuan.

Zhucheng has been an important site for dinosaur excavation since 1960. The local community is known to use calcium rich fossils for traditional village remedies used to treat muscle cramps and other minor ailments. The worlds largesthadrosaurid fossil was found in Zhucheng in the 1980s and is on display in the local museum. Scientists have collected more than 50 metric tons (55 short tons) of fossils since 1960. The city has also been a place for smuggling of dinosaur bones in January 2008, Australia returned hundreds of kilograms of Chinese dinosaur fossils, including dinosaur fossil eggs. These fossils were recovered during a sting operation carried out on warehouses and cargo containers.

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