Great Wall in Tianjin

Jixian County, located in the extreme northern reaches of Tianjin, is a historical and cultural city. Human beings have inhabited the area for 8,000 years. In history, it was a point of battle. Many celebrities were born in this county. Numerous cultural relics can be found there, such as ancient pagodas, temples, inscribed steles and tombs.

Of those cultural icons, Jixian Great Wall is the most notable. It starts from Chixiayu in the east and ends at Huangtuliang in the west with a total length of about 41 kilometers (25 miles). Some people think it was first built in the Sui Dynasty, while others believe it was built in the Northern Qi. In the Tang, Jin and Yuan dynasties, there was no construction. During the Ming Dynasty, Jixian Great Wall became a very complete defensive system because of the constant additions.

Chinese people take pride in the Great Wall. In 1984, Party General Secretary Deng Xiaoping encouraged repairs to the ruined wall. The Tianjin Government eagerly responded to his call and spent three years repairing Taipingzhai, Huangyaguan Pass and a town connecting with Huangyaguan Pass, namely Pass Town (Guancheng in Chinese).

Taipingzhai Great Wall and Huangyaguan Pass are the two most famous attractions in Jixian County. Located 0.6 miles southeast of Xiaoping'an Village, Taipingzhai is also called Taiping'anzhai, which means the village of peace and prosperity. It measures 955 miles and connects the Phoenix Tower to the northwest and Water Pass (in Beijing) to the southwest. The wall is famous for the lofty mountain and marvelous structure. Huangyaguan Pass lies in the beautiful mountainous area northwest of Taipingzhai, 19 miles north to Jixian County. The whole section is built on the steep ridge. Composed of watch towers, city terraces, blockhouses and passes, the military defense system is complete and indestructible.

Jixian County is not far from Beijing and downtown Tianjin. You can take a coach bus or train from Beijing or Tianjin City to the destination. After arriving in Jixian County, you can find Huangya Pass Scenic Area along Jinwei Road.

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