Northern Qi Dynasty

The Northern Qi Dynasty (simplified Chinese: 北齐朝; traditional Chinese: 北齊朝; pinyin: Běi Qí Cháo) was one of the Northern dynasties of Chinese history and ruled northern China from 550 to 577.


The Chinese state of Northern Qi was the successor state of the Chinese/Xianbei state of eastern wei and was founded by Emperor Wenxuan. Emperor Wenxuan had a Han Chinese father Gao Yang, and a Xianbei mother, Empress Dowager Lou Zhaojun. As eastern wei's paramount general Gao Huan was succeeded by his sons Gao Cheng and Gao Yang, who took the throne from Emperor Xiaojing of eastern wei in 550 and established Northern Qi as its Emperor Wenxuan.

Although Northern Qi was plagued by violence and/or incompetent emperors (Emperor Wenxuan, Emperor Wucheng, and Gao Wei), corrupt officials, and deteriorating armies for most of its existence, it was the strongest state of the three main Chinese states (along with northern zhou dynasty state and chen dynasty) when it was established.

Like most imperial dynasties, it gradually declined and was destroyed by northern zhou dynasty in 577. Emperor Wenxuan's son Gao Shaoyi, the Prince of Fanyang, under protection by Tujue, later declared himself the emperor of Northern Qi in exile, but was turned over by Tujue to northern zhou dynasty in 580 and exiled to modern Sichuan . It is a matter of controversy whether Gao Shaoyi should properly be considered a Northern Qi emperor, but in any case the year 577 is generally considered by historians as the ending date for Northern Qi.


posthumous names

born names

period of reigns

era names (nian hao年號) and their according range of years

convention: Northern Qi + posthumous name

wen xuan di(文宣帝 wén xuān dì)

gao yang (高洋 gāo yáng)


tianbao (天保 tiān bǎo)550-559

fei di(廢帝 fèi dì)

gao yin (高殷 gāo yīn)


qianming (乾明 qián míng)560

xiao zhao di(孝昭帝 xiào zhāo dì)

gao yan (高演 gāo yǎn)


huangjian (皇建 huáng jiàn)560-561

wu cheng di(武成帝 wǔ chéng dì)

gao dan (高湛 gāo dān)


taining (太寧 tài níng)561-562
heqing (河清 hé qīng)562-565

hou zhu (後主 hòu zhǔ)

gao wei(高緯 gāo wěi)


tiantong (天統 tiān tǒng)565-569
wuping (武平 wǔ píng)570-576
longhua (隆化 lóng huà) 576

you zhu (幼主 yòu zhǔ)

gao heng(高恆 gāo héng)


chengguang (承光 chéng guāng)577

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