Eastern Wei

The eastern wei Dynasty (simplified Chinese: 东魏朝; traditional Chinese: 東魏朝; pinyin: Dōng Wèi Cháo) followed the disintegration of the northern wei, and ruled northern China from 534 to 550.

In 534 Gao Huan, the potentate of the eastern half of what was northern wei territory following the disintegration of the northern wei dynasty installed Yuan Shanjian a descendant of the northern wei as ruler of eastern wei. Yuan Shanjian was a puppet ruler as the real power lay in the hands of Gao Huan. Several military campaigns were launched against the neighboring western wei in an attempt to reunify the territory once held by the northern wei, however these campaigns were not successful, and in 547 Gao Huan died. His sons Gao Cheng and Gao Yang were able to pursue his policy of controlling the emperor, but in 550 Gao Yang deposed Yuan Shanjian and founded his own dynasty, the northern qi.

Buddhist art

The Buddhist art of the eastern wei displays a combination of Greco-Buddhist influences from Gandhara and Central Asia (representations of flying figures holding wreaths, Greek-style folds of the drapery), together with Chinese artistic influences.


posthumous names (shi hao諡號)

born names

period of reigns

era names (nian hao年號) and their according range of years

convention: eastern wei + posthumous name

xiao jing di(孝靜帝 xiào jìng dì)

yuan shanjian (元善見 yuán shàn jiàn)


tianping (天平 tiān píng)534-537
yuanxiang (元象 yuán xiàng)538-539
xinghe (興和 xīng hé)539-542
wuding (武定 wǔ dìng)543-550

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