Abatai ( 27 July 1589 - 10 May 1646) was a Manchu noble and general. Although an inconsistent and dissolute malcontent, he nevertheless showed considerable ability as a military leader and administrator.


Abatai was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, the imperial clan of the qing dynasty. He was the seventh son of Nurhaci, khan of the later jin dynasty (precursor of the qing dynasty). His mother, who was from the Irgen-Gioro (伊爾根覺羅) clan, was a concubine of Nurhaci.

Abatai led Manchu forces to attack the tribes of Weji in 1611 and those of Jarut in 1623. He was disciplined for abandoning his colleagues during a raid on territories of the ming dynasty in 1629. He was also held responsible for the loss of Yongping and other conquered Ming cities in 1629 and 1630.

In 1631 Abatai was appointed to the Manchu Board of Works. He was reprimanded for incompetence at the siege of Dalian in 1633 but reformed his conduct, and with his younger half-brother Ajige, he reputedly fought and won 56 engagements. He was handsomely rewarded in 1636 for his achievements in battle.

In 1641 Abatai was stripped off his ranks for withdrawing without permission during the siege of Jinzhou in 1641. He then led a raiding force into northern China, advancing into Zhili, Shandong and Jiangsu from 1642 to 1643.

In 1644 Abatai was granted the title of Prince Raoyu of the Second Rank, and in the following year he was placed in command of the military in Shandong . He died in 1646.

Personal information


Nurhaci, founder of the qing dynasty.


Lady Irgen-Gioro (伊爾根覺羅氏), a concubine of Nurhaci.


Lady Nara (納喇氏), bore Abatai four sons.


Šanggiyan (尚建), granted the title of Gushan Beizi Xianque, Abatai's eldest son.

Bohoto (博和託), granted the title of Gushan Beizi Wenliang, Abatai's second son.

Bolo, granted the title of Prince Duan of the First Rank (和碩端親王).

Yolo (岳樂; 19 October 1625 - 15 March 1689), granted the title of Prince An of the First Rank (和碩安親王).

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