Šurhaci; Chinese: 舒爾哈齊) (1564- September 25, 1611), was a Jurchen leader, a member of the Aisin Gioro clan, he was a younger brother of Nurhaci, the founder of the later jin dynasty , of what would become the qing dynasty. Under the Ming government he held the title of local chieftain (都指揮) in the Jianzhou district, and maintained relations with the Chinese authorities up to the beginning of 1607. In that year he joined Nurhaci in the campaign against Bujantai and the Ula tribe, receiving the title of darhan baturu. However as a result of disargreements with his brother over the conquest of the Hoifa and the killing of Hoifa's beile Baindari in 1607, four years later was put to death at the order of Nurhaci. In 1653 he was posthumously given the rank of Cinwang and the posthumous name Zhuang (莊). His second son, Amin, and the sixth, Jirgalang were the most distinguished of his offspring. Among Šurhaci's other descendants was Sushun.

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