Jiumenkou Great Wall

About nine miles from Shanhaiguan Pass, in Suizhong County, Liaoning Province, the grand wall spans the about 100-meter (0.06-mile) wide Jiujiang River. It is the Jiumenkou Great Wall.

This section was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (479 - 502) and was an important military pass over a long period of time. It was rebuilt to a larger scale in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The southern end of the wall starts from lofty mountains, connecting to the section of the wall running from Shanhaiguan Pass. It climbs along the mountain ridge till finally arriving at the banks of Jiujiang River. The wide river doesn't stop the wall's resolute pace forward. A huge wall bridge stretches over the river, forcing its way to the north.

The most significant part of Jiumenkou Great Wall is the section above the river. Seven hundred thousand hectares of rectangular stone slabs are embedded on the bed of the Jiujiang River, and the stones are held down by iron chain, which creats a historically famous sight of white stones. Nine arches standing above the stones serves as sluiceways, hence, the wall is called 'Jiumenkou', 'Nine Gateways' in English. The wall bridge is constructed over the arches connecting the two banks of the Jiujiang River. Two walled cities, both used as fortresses, are erected at both ends of the wall.

There are 12 watch towers, two sentry posts, two beacon towers, and ditches in the 1.2 miles of the Jiujiang Great Wall - a really complete military defense work.

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