List of Mongol Khans

great khans of the mongol empire

mongol yuan dynasty

with the establishment of the yuan dynasty, the kublaids became emperors of the yuan dynasty, who were considered as khagan for the mongols and huangdi (chinese emperor) for native chinese:

khans of golden horde

left wing

this horde was annexed by abu'l_khayr khan of the shaybanids in 1446 .

right wing

actual rulers of the golden horde (jochid ulus, kipchak khanate) were members of the house of batu until 1361.

ilkhans of il khanate

after the murder of arpa, the regional states established during the disintegration of the ilkhanate raised their own candidates as claimants.

claimants from eastern persia (khurasan):

  • togha temür (c. 1338_1353) (recognized by the kartids 1338_1349; by the jalayirids 1338_1339, 1340–1344; by the sarbadars 1338_1341, 1344, 1353)

  • luqman (1353–1388) (son of togha temür)

khans of chagatai khanate

the chagatai khanate is split into two parts, western and eastern ( moghulistan ) for the eastern khans, see khans of moghulistan, below.

from 1370 on, the chagatai khans were puppets of timur.

khans of northern yuan

the following khans are successors of dayan khan and directly ruled the chahar . they had suzerainty over other mongol tümens, but were unable to exercise their authority over them.

rulers of zunghar khanate

upper mongol khoshud khans of tibet

  • gushi khan toro_baikhu (1642–1655)

  • dayan ochir khan (1655–1669)

  • gonchug dalai khan (1669–1698)

  • lhazang chingis khan (1698–1717)

  • shdi khan, alu khan pakori khan roti chun khan phusi mar khan, bakri choor (maghar hainsub khan)

torghud khans of the kalmyks

  • khoo_orlog (d. 1644)

  • shikir_daichung (1644–1661)

  • puntsog (1661–1669)

  • ayuukhi (1669–1724)

  • tseren_dondog (1724–1735)

  • dondug_ombo (1735–1741)

  • dondug_dashi (1741–1761)

  • ubashi (1762–1771)

20th century mongolia

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